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Personal Data and Money Management since 2000

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Privacy for your customers. 

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eWise Aegis

The consumer-centric Personal Data Management solution

AEGIS enables consumers to safely aggregate, store, manage and share their sensitive financial information with trusted service providers. The AEGIS platform can be used through APIs to build financial services apps. eWise AEGIS enables innovation and flexibility in building worldclass solutions for easy access to aggregated financial data.

AEGIS is the only technology where consumer privacy and security come first.

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Your white label solution for Personal Money Management and enhanced engagement

Account Aggregation

Make your institution the one place your customers access and manage their financial lives.

Personal Financial Management

Give customers powerful insight into their money and help them achieve their goals.

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Transform your data into valuable and actionable information

Powerful Analytics enable your Digital Marketing Team to discover trends, optimise customer conversion, reduce churn and enhance engagements.

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Based on our patented Digital Safe technology, eWise is a market leader for Personal Money Management solutions, for banks and other financial services providers.