Account Aggregation

Make your bank the one place for your customers to access, transact and manage their financial lives.

What is eWise Account Aggregation?

eWise Account Aggregation securely consolidates data from a variety of online sources (bank, investment, credit card, and loyalty program accounts) onto a single screen for the customer and delivers the underlying data to the bank to better understand and service the customer’s financial needs.

Benefits to banks

Improve customer relationship and engagement

  • Our Account Aggregation white-label solution for banks delivers up to a 400% increase in customer visits and an over 50% reduction in churn. Informed, engaged customers drive customer satisfaction and revenue.

Deep customer insight significantly increases cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for the bank’s products and services

  • Our customers see an over 40% increase in per-customer revenue, driven through higher product density and an over 30% increase in account balances.

Benefits to banks' customers

Save time - fast and simple access to all online accounts

  • Customers are able to see and manage all their online accounts on a single screen. Our Account Aggregation solution allows your customers to receive real-time data from all aggregated accounts with a single click – eliminating the need to remember multiple account logins and allowing safe, secure login in just a few seconds.

Make informed financial decisions and save money – simply and securely

  • Customer can see their financial life on a single page, enabling them to make better decisions on how best to spend and save their money. At a glance, customers can see each account, including balances and transactions, and make informed decision such as what bills to pay and what accounts need additional funds.

Why eWise?

A global leader for Top 50 banks

Since 2001, eWise has been delivering innovative solutions to some of the world’s Top 50 banks on 3 continents.

We invented and patented client-side aggregation which means all interactions with online institutions are performed by the customer’s device (including PC, Mac, mobile or tablet) – and that means you can provide a powerful, customer engaging solution across all channels and platforms. eWise’s powerful solution is fully compliant with international legal and regulatory requirements and provides access to major bank, investment, credit card and loyalty program accounts from around the world. eWise Account Aggregation solution architecture addresses the bank’s requirements for a future proof, highly scalable solution while ensuring customer’s data remains private and secure.

As our banking customers have discovered, eWise Account Aggregation provides proven, tangible benefits with low-risk implementation. It's no wonder that eWise has become a world leading provider of Account Aggregation.

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