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The secure consumer-centric personal data management platform


The safest place to connect user's financial accounts and manage sensitive data

The eWise AEGIS platform enables you to connect with user's financial accounts. Consumers, businesses and investors are empowered to safely aggregate, store, manage and share their sensitive financial information with you, in a safe and secure way, through our patented client-side aggregation technology.


Connect to users' accounts

Aggregate automatically all of your customers’ financial accounts in one place.


personal data vault

The safe and secure personal data store for financial services.


permission management

Provide the user with full control and privacy over their personal data. 


data broker

Users can choose to share their personal data with value added services.

Personal Data Aggregation


Connecting financial accounts made easy

Consumer’s data is aggregated from a variety of sources including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investment portfolios, utility companies, loyalty programmes and offline assets.

other assets

Account Aggregation API features

Net worth summary

Calculate the total amount the user owns and owes across all accounts.

detail Account balance

Retrieve the balance for each account connected by the user.

Account transactions

Display historical and realtime transactions of linked accounts.

Investment holdings

Your users get a global view of their investment portfolio with global holdings summary, position details and historical transactions.

Income validation

Connect user's bank accounts to verify their true income instantly.

Account verification

Confirm ownership of the account by accessing users' financial data in seconds.

inter-bank Fund transfer

Provide quick and secure funds transfer in the UK through "Faster Payments".

Sleeker onboarding

Enhance user onboarding and application experience by connecting your app through our APIs.

A private Personal Data Vault


The truly legal and compliant architecture to aggregate financial data

Securely downloaded by the user onto their desktop, tablet or mobile device, where data is aggregated and stored.

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Personal Data Vault features


All aggregation is performed on the user’s device. Our client-side aggregation architecture is patented in the U.S.A., Europe, Asia and Australia.


The customer may grant active-consent to access their data and can revoke authorisation anytime. The personal data is not retained or used by eWise for any purpose.


All data is secured using AES-256 encryption. For added security, encryption keys are stored separately and held on our “zero-knowledge” server.


Securely stored by the customer on computer, tablet or smartphone.

Immune to blocking

Banks and other institutions being aggregated can't block Aegis access. End-users aggregate data from their device, not a Server. No overloading nightly batch requests for millions of accounts at the same time!

Legal & compliant

Users never needs to disclose their online account ID's and passwords to a third party. The sensitive credentials are saved and encrypted onto the Personal Data Vault on their own device, not in the cloud. Nobody else can get access.


A "customer always present" solution supporting all forms of multi-factor authentication which may be used to authenticate the user during data aggregation.


The Personal Data Vault is installed in seconds on the user's device.

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The only Account Aggregation technology implemented by licensed banks in the United Kingdom and Australia

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Permission management


Users get control over their data

eWise AEGIS provides the user with full control and privacy over their personal data. Users can actively manage permission settings to share data with value added services. Consumers get control over their data and share it on terms that suit them. The sharing is transparent and explicit. 

Users can revoke access anytime to keep their data private.

Data broker


Distribute data to your app ecosystem

eWise Aegis gathers all of the data access authorisation from users.

Granular data sharing permissions allow app developers' applications to access consented data, manage distribution from the Personal Data Vault and push data to their apps.


Flexible deployment options



Easy API integration

Developers and coders can also use the eWise AEGIS platform through APIs to build apps and expand their ecosystem of digital services. eWise AEGIS enables innovation and flexibility in building worldclass solutions for easy access to aggregated financial data.


Personal Data Privacy Survey


Accelerating financial services innovation

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