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API for transaction categorisation, cashflow forecasting and alerting


Speed up your development with our ready to use APIs

Developers can use eWise API services to efficiently build financial apps, leveraging eWise expertise in transaction categorisation, cashflow forecasting and alerting. APIs can be integrated seamlessly within your apps or connect to the Aegis platform to access bank data.


The API that automatically categorises user's financial transactions.


Allow your customers to see into the future. Intelligent spending and income prediction using past behaviour provides customers with actionable insight into their future cash flow.


Comprehensive Alerts & Notifications capability advise customers on all aspects of their financial health. Keep them on track with good news, bad news and the unexpected.




CaaS is an API for transaction categorisation

The augmentation of raw transactional data is a key step in building financial apps that assist consumers in understanding their financial spending patterns. CaaS makes this pain free and frictionless by combining big data driven AI for auto categorisation and a 'nifty' data structure that persists personalised category preferences via ‘assisted categorisation’.

The CaaS data structure enables eWise to map category consensus over time, geography and language to produce the highly performant and accurate truth API.

Companies can now plug straight into eWise's globally aware truth API via the fully managed service of CaaS API. CaaS lets businesses focus on their core business strategy.

Use Cases for transaction categorisation

Money Management

Understanding users' spending patterns and behaviours will help you develop better Money Management tools including best-practice features: cash flow forecasting and prediction, spend analysis, auto-budgeting and financial calendar.

Credit application

Access and authenticate users transactional data for loan processing. Income verification and spend analysis help highlight risk factors used for a richer credit scoring experience, reducing the risk of default due to better borrowers' financial deep knowledge.

Fraud detection

Mining data from user's transactions can determine normal and anormalistic behaviour helping in fraud detection. Categorisation is the first step.

How does the categorisation API work?


The platform transforms and processes all of a users' transactions from their bank, credit card provider, brokerage firm, pension, utility provider or loyalty programme and augments that raw data with categories, merchant and payment method. eWise’s Data Science team developed optimised algorithms that parse and construct data structures that enable language agnostic auto-categorisation of transactions.

A personalised experience through user assisted categorisation

eWise understands through experience that auto-categorisation can never be 100% accurate using a fully automated AI tool. Machine learning models have a degree of error, spend attribution can be extremely personal and CaaS turns these attributes of the process into a feature and not a problem. “Assisted Categorisation” allows users to control their preferences and work in collaboration with auto categorisation. CaaS has all the components to intelligently and fluidly manage categorisation; coverage, category calibration and custom categories.


The Cashflow Forecasting API

We built the Cashflow Forecasting API for you to integrate within your existing financial apps.
Allow your customers to see into their future cash flow.

Cashflow prediction

Forecast user's cashflow over time by automatically incorporating how much money they are expecting to come in and out, based on their past spending and income.

Best case scenario

Based on the user's past spending and income, we determine the maximum possible cashflow value...

Worst case scenario

... and the minimum possible cashflow value.

Trend analysis

We analyse the cashflow trend and determine the user's financial health: green or red light.


The cashflow forecasting API is delivering timeseries data. You can build your own UI based on the timeseries.

Automatic financial calendar

The financial calendar is automatically updated with future money in and money out. 


What if scenarios

How do various spending decisions, or potential new income play out in the medium term?

Below are some examples on how to use the "What if scenarios"

Buying a house

See the impact of saving a chosen amount per month on the user's cashflow, planning for buying a house.

Reducing salary

What if your user is loses his job, or plans a one year world tour.

SME new business

Test how an increase in sales would affect the business forecast.

Unexpected costs

Planning for unexpected costs and anticipating cashflow to protect the future.


Alerts and notifications API

Comprehensive Alerts & Notifications capability advise customers on all aspects of their financial health.
Keep them on track with good news, bad news and the unexpected via SMS and push in-app notification.

Below some examples on how to use the "Alerts and Notifications" API

Daily banking summary

Quick daily overview of selected accounts' balances.

Salary paid

Notification when salary is paid or income is received.

Bill monitoring

Users parameter tresholds when they want to receive a specific arlet. They can be alerted when the monthly electricity bill is above the monthly average.

Foreign country payments

Get an alert when payment is made on a foreign country to reduce fraudulent credit card use.

Saving goal progress

An alert is sent when a saving goal is reached or to follow up progress.

Budget tracking

help users stay on track with their budget by sending notifications when a budget is closed to be reached or exceeded.


APIs easy to integrate within your apps ecosystem

CaaS, cashflow forecasting and alert APIs are available as a stand-alone service for developers to easily plug new functionality directly into their financial services solution. The APIs are simple to integrate within your existing architecture. Wether you have a legacy categorisation engine or would like to start from scratch, the APIs are quickly deployable.


APIs with best performance no matter where the user is located


CaaS API completes 150 transactions categorisation in under 300 ms of latency. It represents about 3 months of a user's historical transactions.


Our API services maintains a consistent response time no matter where your consumer is in the world.


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