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forecasting API

See into your customers' financial future and validate future income and spending


Predict user's financial future with our Forecasting API

Intelligent spending and income prediction API using past behaviour provides customers with actionable insight into their future cash flow.

The Forecasting API can be integrated seamlessly within your apps or connected to the Aegis platform to retrieve bank data.

Use Cases for cash flow forecasting

Money Management

Forecasting users' spending and income will help you develop better Money Management tools, giving your users the best tools to make informed decisions.

Credit application

Cash flow forecasting helps highlighting risk factors used for a richer credit scoring experience, reducing the risk of default due to better borrowers' financial deep knowledge. The API will determine how much your users are likely to spend and earn for a define time period in the future.

validate future income

Mining data from user's past financial transactions can determine normal and anormalistic behaviour helping in assessing user's income in the future. We enrich our cash flow forecasting API with a confidence level for each category.


The Forecasting API

The forecasting service provides a prediction on future transactions and cash flows. It uses historical data and runs multiple scenarios to build the prediction. Forecast results of a user are recomputed every time transactions are altered (added, updated or deleted) and when new forecasts are defined.

Cash flow prediction

Forecast user's cash flow over time by automatically incorporating how much money they are expecting to come in and out, based on their past spending and income.

Best case scenario

Based on the user's past spending and income, we determine the maximum possible cash flow value...

Worst case scenario

... and the minimum possible cash flow value.

Trend analysis

We analyse the cash flow trend and determine the user's financial health: green or red light.


The cash flow forecasting API is delivering timeseries data. You can build your own UI based on the timeseries.

Automatic financial calendar

The financial calendar is automatically updated with future money in and money out. 


What if scenarios

How do various spending decisions, or potential new income play out in the medium term?

Below are some examples on how to use the "What if scenarios"

Buying a house

See the impact of saving a chosen amount per month on the user's cash flow, planning for buying a house.

Reducing salary

What if your user is loses his job, or plans a one year world tour.

SME new business

Test how an increase in sales would affect the business forecast.

Unexpected costs

Planning for unexpected costs and anticipating cash flow to protect the future.

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