Authenticate new online customers using high quality, real-time data – save time for your customers and expenses for your bank.

What is eWise eAuthentication?

eWise eAuthentication allows you to quickly and confidently verify the identity of a customer when they are signing up for a new account with you. Through the simple process of logging into an existing online bank account, your customers can verify their identity and proceed with opening up a new account, saving themselves time and paperwork.

Benefits to banks

Drive significant cost savings for customer authentication

The white label eWise eAuthentication solution gathers information such as name, address and bank account information from your soon-to-be customers in mere seconds. That data is securely shared with a trusted, regulated bank in real-time which authenticates the customer data.

A number of the world's Top 50 banks use eWise for their eAuthentication. One major U.K. lender saved over 1 day and £40 (about $60 US dollars) per customer authentication by using our solution.

  • By integrating eWise eAuthentication into your online authentication process, you can reduce authentication costs by eliminating paper-based offline processes - and even improve conversation rates for online onboarding as a result.

Improve the quality of your authentication process - reduce fraud

eWise eAuthentication allows a customers identity and details to be verified in real-time – based on account data held by their bank. Paper-based documentation processing can lead to higher rates of fraud. Using our solution to provide identity-based information directly from a customers bank reduces opportunity for fraud.

Because banks are the most stringently regulated non-government entities, their Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance requirements ensure that customer data stored by them is the most accurate and complete identity information available in the market. We provide you real-time access to this bank-held data, which in turn both improves the quality of your online customer authentication process and reduces your costs.

Benefits to banks' customers

Save time

  • Your customers save time when you use our eAuthentication solution. Instead of waiting for days before their new account is opened, they can get it opened in minutes – simply and securely.

Avoid hassle

  • Why ask your customers to dig up documents and paperwork, when you can save them that hassle? Our online eAuthentication lets them verify their identity in minutes and gets your new customer relationship off to a great start.

Why eWise?

A global leader for Top 50 banks

Since 2001, eWise has been delivering innovative solutions ot some of the world's Top 50 banks on 3 continents.

eWise eAuthentication is available as a multi-platform and multi-channel white-labeled solution suite – hosted by the online solution provider or delivered as a SaaS offering.

With outstanding 24/7 international support, we provide a low risk, low cost solution for improving your online product application process.

Learn how we can help you improve the quality of your authentication process while reducing cost.