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eWise Money Manager helps your customers understand and manage their money better and provides you with tools to enhance engagement and expand relationships.

Account Aggregation

The eWise Account Aggregation Solution brings all customer accounts together in one place, enabling them to make more informed decisions about how to spend, save and manage their money more wisely.


Compare our "Client-Side" Account Aggregation with the “Third-Party Server-Side” approach

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Legal & Compliant
NO disclosure of user logins or passwords to you or any third-parties.
Multi-factor Authentication

eWise Account Aggregation is a “customer-always-present” solution.

We support all forms of multi-factor authentication.

Patented Digital Safe
A highly secure, portable and private place for customers to aggregate and retain their financial information. 
Complete Coverage
Securely and privately consolidates data from online sources including banks, investments, credit cards and loyalty programs.


Transform transactions into meaningful information

Our highly optimised algorithms automatically categorise transaction activity, incorporating customers past preferences and behaviour to increase accuracy and user adoption.   

Customers can easily personalise categorisation rules, add new categories, split transactions and set preferences for future transactions.


Spend Analysis

Show your customers where their money goes

Powerful tools visualise trends and allow customers to explore their spending, helping them to find opportunities to better manage their money and reach their goals.


Cash Flow Prediction

Allow them to see into the future

Intelligent spending and income prediction using past behaviour provides customers with actionable insight into their future cash flow.



Help customers become better money managers

Customers can set budgets based on historical amounts and can compare actual spend and income against their budgets to help ensure they remain on track.


Goal Setting

Reach their savings and investment goals

Beyond budgeting, customers can establish saving goals, no matter how big or small they might be. Visual prompts and alerts keep the customer up-to-date on their progress and motivated to achieve their goals.


Alerts & Notifications

Keep them on track with good news, bad news and the unexpected

Comprehensive Alerts and Notifications capability advise customers on all aspects of their financial health. Be the first to congratulate them when they reach a savings goal, warn them when they are spending more than their budget, when they have upcoming bills to pay or when you see an unusual transaction to one of their accounts.