The eWise Personal Data Vault is a personal data management solution that enables customers to aggregate, store, manage and share financial information from their own device.

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Financial Data Aggregation

Customers can securely and privately aggregate a variety of accounts from banks, credit card providers, investment firms, insurance, pensions, utility providers, rewards & loyalty programs.


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Downloadable on the user's device

The Personal Data Vault is securely downloaded and stored by the customer on their desktop or mobile device giving them full portability of their data.


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Downloadable PDV

Privacy settings

Customers are at the centre of personal data management, allowing them to safely and privately manage their financial information. Through eWise privacy settings, your customers determine who they want to share their personal financial data with.

Through our privacy settings feature, customers are in control of their personal financial data.


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privacy settings
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Connect to the Personal Data Vault through our APIs


Build your apps and expand your ecosystem of digital services using the Personal Data Vault - offering more security, privacy and flexibility to build world class solutions.

We offer developers easy access to aggregated financial data.


More security

Legal & compliant

NO disclosure of user logins or passwords to you or any third-parties. Our "zero-knowledge" servers ensure you never become a custodian of customer's online credentials. The user remains in full compliance with their institutions’ terms and conditions and in control of their personal financial information.

eWise patent

Patented technology

eWise invented Client-Side Account Aggregation in 2000. The Secure Network Access patent makes it possible for data aggregation to occur on the user’s device, without the need to disclose personal data or online credentials to a third-party.

Support multi-factor authentication

eWise Personal Data Vault is a "customer always present" solution. We support all forms of multi-factor authentication which may be used by the customers institutions to authenticate the user during data aggregation.

Authentication multi-factor
Highly secure personal data vault


Highly secure

The Personal Data Vault resides on the consumers chosen device using AES-256 Encryption.



our "Client-Side" Account Aggregation with the “Third-Party Server-Side” approach.

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