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The eWise Personal Data Vault is a personal data management solution that enables customers to gather and store financial information on their own device.


Customers are at the centre of personal data management, allowing them to safely and privately manage their financial information. The customer may grant permission to their data, allowing you to provide value added and targeted services to help them manage their money more effectively. 


Compare our "Client-Side" Account Aggregation with the “Third-Party Server-Side” approach

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The Personal Data Vault resides on the consumers chosen device using 168 bit Triple DES Encryption. All customer data remains within the Personal Data Vault unless explicit permission is given by the customer.
Patented Technology
eWise invented Client-Side Account Aggregation in 2000. Our Personal Data Vault technology is at the heart of this invention, enabling you to offer customers a truly private, legally compliant and market proven solution.
Patented technology
The Personal Data Vault can be securely stored by the customer on their desktop, mobile device or in a private cloud, giving them full portability of their data.
Multi-factor Authentication
eWise Personal Data Vault is a "customer always present" solution. We support all forms of multi-factor authentication which may be used by the customers institutions to authenticate the user during data aggregation.
Multifactor authentication