Personal Financial Management

Turbocharge your online banking suite and enable your customers to manage their whole financial life - with your bank in the center.

What is eWise Personal Financial Management?

eWise Personal Financial Management is a proven, low-risk solution suite to power your online and mobile banking strategy. We deliver a powerful, yet simple solution that lets your customers manage their finances online – manage accounts, create budgets and track spending.

Benefits to banks

Compelling customer engagement

With Personal Financial Management rapidly becoming a fundamental part of online and mobile banking, choose a solution that delivers a proven, compelling user experience and creates a clear path to growth in customer engagement, data and incremental customer revenue for your bank.

Join a number of the world’s largest banks that have implemented eWise Personal Financial Management and continue to derive outstanding customer satisfaction, adoption and incremental revenue.

  • Our Personal Financial Management (PFM) white-label solution for banks has delivered up to a 400% increase in customer visits and an over 50% reduction in churn. Informed, engaged customers drive customer satisfaction and revenue.

Cross-sell and upsell platform

Our solution provides a deep insight into a consumer’s finances now and their goals and aspirations. We enable ongoing customer engagement and deliver real-time insights to you that power measurable cross-sell and up-sell results. We bring comprehensive consumer data to you to power your data warehouse and CRM solutions, based on a real-time, comprehensive view of your consumers’ financial lives.

  • Our customers see an over 40% increase in per-customer revenue, driven through higher product density and an over 30% increase in account balances.

Combined with our Account Aggregation solution, our Personal Financial Management solution delivers a comprehensive, fully integrated, next-generation banking solution.

Benefits to banks' customers

Save time - fast and simple access to all online accounts, transactions and budgets

  • Customers are able to see and manage all their online accounts on a single screen. Our Personal Financial Management solution helps your customers get control of their finances through easy to use transaction categorization, budgets, saving goals, expense tracking and other powerful financial management tools.

Make informed financial decisions and save money – simply and securely

  • Customer can see their financial life on a single page, enabling them to make better decisions on how best to spend and save their money. At a glance, customers can see each account, including balances and transactions, see how they are tracking against their budgets and identify areas where they can consolidate and simplify their accounts.

Why eWise?

A global leader for Top 50 banks

Since 2001, eWise has been delivering innovative solutions to some of the world’s Top 50 banks on 3 continents.

Combined with eWise Account Aggregation solution, our PFM solution delivers a comprehensive, fully integrated next-generation banking solution for our customers.

eWise Personal Financial Management is available as a multi-platform and multi-channel, white-labeled solution suite – hosted by the bank or delivered as a SaaS offering. With outstanding 24/7 international support, we are the low risk, go-to solution for banks around the world.

Learn how we can help you create compelling customer engagement and a new cross-sell and upsell platform.