Connect  to your users' financial accounts in seconds

Unique Patented Banking API for your financial services apps

eWise offers a suite of Account Aggregation and Personal Financial Management solutions with enhanced data privacy & security.

Connect your users to a variety of online sources including banks, pension funds, insurance companies, investment providers, online brokers, credit cards and loyalty programs.

Powering financial data access and sharing

Quick API integration

We deliver powerful APIs ready to integrate within your app:

Aegis: Connect to your user's financial accounts and retrieve balance, transactions, investments holding and more.
CaaS: Automatic transaction categorisation
Cashflow forecasting API
Alerts and notification API
White-label Personal Financial Management solutions

Private and secure

The Aegis platform is using our Personal Data Vault, which securely and privately store all of the user's personal information onto their device, not on the cloud.

User logins and passwords are stored on their device and never shared with third-parties.

Active-consent sharing

The Personal Data Vault allows users to share their sensitive data with you and other third-parties through active-consent and granular permission management.

We are currently performing a survey on personal data privacy: Tell us your attitude to data privacy and share your online security experience .

Launch your financial app quickly


White label apps

Money Manager and FastBalance beautifully designed apps offer best-in-class user experience on desktop, tablet and mobile. Users get a global view of all of their financial accounts in one dashboard and access powerful Personal Financial Management features.

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Data aggregation

The Aegis platform enables end-users to privately and securely aggregate, store, manage and share their financial information. Leverage eWise's data aggregation platform to easily connect users' bank accounts, credit cards, investments, pension funds, utilities, loans and more.

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api services

API services

Developers can use eWise API services to efficiently build financial apps, leveraging eWise expertise in transaction categorisation, cashflow forecasting and alerting. APIs can be integrated seamlessly within your apps or connect to the Aegis platform to access bank data.

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Case Study

Focus on security and privacy for their clients

Moneysoft is an independent Australian Fintech company providing an innovative Personal Financial Management tool to the financial services industry. Their solution has been specifically designed for banks, financial advice dealer groups, independent financial advisers, finance brokers and superannuation funds to offer their clients a digital Money Management tool.

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