Digital Vault for Life Management

Provide secure and private personal data store powered by eWise white-labeled Digital Vault

The patented personal data store for sensitive information

Offer exclusive services to your customers by giving them a safe repository & online access for all the important personal information in their life they don't want to save on the cloud.

Protecting your clients, protecting your company and protecting your reputation

One login for all of their online accounts

eWise Aegis automatically connect to a variety of online sources including bank accounts, pension funds, investment portfolios, credit cards, utility providers, social medias accounts and loyalty programs.

Your clients can also manually add offline assets such as personal documents, value of real estate, art, boats, cars, jewellery and more.

Gather all of the important and sensitive information and documents

Data sharing permission management

Private and secure, eWise's white-label Personal Data Vault allows users to share their sensitive data with you and other third-parties through granular permission management.

The security dashboard allows true control and confidentiality of documents - works where the user is, in the office or on the go.

Users get control over their data and share it on terms that suit them.

Security as a Service

All customers' data is encrypted, saved and stored in the Personal Data Vault on the user's own device, reducing the risk of hacking. Concerns raised about storing private information in the cloud in one place that would attract the most skilled cyber criminals are addressed by eWise's Personal Data Vault.

User login and passwords are never shared with eWise or any third-party, so they remain safe and private on the user's device.

The data is stored using automatic AES-256 encryption. For added security, encryption keys are stored separately and held on our "zero-knowledge" server.

Enhanced data privacy & security

For whom?

financial services

Financial services

A concierge for financial services, eWise Aegis automatically aggregate and store financial accounts from banks, pension funds, investment companies, online brokers, insurers, offline assets and documents. 



Better communication between patients, health professionals and hospitals. The Personal Data Vault enables safely and privately storing, viewing and sharing health related records and information.

legal services

Legal services

Law firms hold sensitive information entrusted to them and they need to protect confidential data from internal and external treats. Storing private information into the Personal Data Vault helps guarantee clients' privacy and security.



Learn from your clients' spending behaviour to highly target your offers, new product launchs and cross-selling. Gain insights from their loyalty programs and credit cards transactions to better understand their shopping preferences. 



Government agencies are increasingly offering eGovernment services to citizens and need reliable technology to authenticate and manage users. Connect automatically securely to all of the user's bank accounts and perform identity verification in seconds.


Real Estate

Real estate buyers and sellers share private and sensitive information to the professionals involved in the transaction. The Personal Data Vault stores personal information on the user's device and allow the user to share permissioned data with chosen professionals.

Launch your private and secure Personal Data Store quickly



Enable users to privately and securely aggregate, store, manage and share their sensitive personal information and documents. Your clients get control over their data and share it on terms that suit them.

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