Online lending

Access and authenticate users for loan processing

Make income verification simple 

Enabling loan applicants to connect easily all of their bank accounts turbocharges the application process. It heavily reduces data input errors and manual processing, while securing the data source. 

Online lenders are now able to quicken the loan decision process and enhance customer experience. 

Faster loan application process for better results

Quick user onboarding and Authentication

Connecting to all of the user's accounts, it is now simple to verify the bank details of new or existing customers for loan application.

60 second onboarding

Reduce risk and verify income

Verifies and categorises applicants' income, assets and liabilities. 

Helps satisfy compliance requirements for AML and KYC

Increase conversion rates by validating data in real time

Eliminate delays caused by sourcing documentation, a unique way to digitally interact with customers.

A quicker loan approval flow

Ready to make online loan application quicker?


White label apps

Money Manager and FastBalance beautifully designed apps offer best-in-class user experience on desktop, tablet and mobile. Users get a global view of all of their financial accounts in one dashboard and access powerful Personal Financial Management features.

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Data aggregation

The Aegis platform enables end-users to privately and securely aggregate, store, manage and share their financial information. Leverage eWise's data aggregation platform to easily connect users' bank accounts, credit cards, investments, pension funds, utilities, loans and more.

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api services

API services

Developers can use eWise API services to efficiently build financial apps, leveraging eWise expertise in transaction categorisation, cashflow forecasting and alerting. APIs can be integrated seamlessly within your apps or connect to the Aegis platform to access bank data.

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Case Study

Real-time income verification for online loan processing

MOGObankconnect is a service powered by eWise Aegis platform and provides income verification for online lenders.

MOGObankconnect provides consumers with the ability to simply, securely and quickly package up their online banking transactional data, providing a uniquely fast way to verify and transmit financial data and bank statements, whilst at the same time helping to dramatically streamline lending decisions.

"In 60 seconds the customer had a great experience, the mortgage adviser or lender has the exact data they require and it's already been pre-analysed." said Andrew Clouston, CEO of Mogo.

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