Wealth Management and Private Banks

Attract new Investors and retain them with Account Aggregation and Personal Financial Management tools

A truly 360° view of your client finances, including held-away accounts

eWise offers a suite of Account Aggregation and Personal Financial Management solutions with enhanced data privacy & security.

Connect your users to a variety of online sources including bank accounts, pension funds, investment portfolios, credit cards and loyalty programs. You can see your customers entire portfolio of managed and non-managed accounts.

Help your customers make smarter financial decisions with online Money Management tools

One place for all your customers accounts

We connect easily to all of your clients' financial accounts. A consolidated view of customer assets and liabilities creates deeper insight for you to strengthen relationships and enhance engagement.

Our aggregation technology retrieves accounts balance and transactions from multiple sources.

Learn more about customer investment behaviour on non-managed accounts and bring more assets under management.

The most private and secure account aggregation solution

eWise never requires the customer to disclose their online credentials to you or any third-party and all aggregation is performed from the customer’s device.

Obtain a deeper understanding of your customer thanks to the data shared with their permission.

Beautiful interface branded for your customers

eWise Money Manager and FastBalance mobile app provides customers with simple to use tools which they can access on their desktop, tablet or mobile phone. You can customise the apps to reflect your brand and color scheme to ensure full alignment with your firm's image. Deliver a market leading customer experience without traditional technical or project hassles.

100% Cloud Solution : no software licencing, no hardware costs, no maintenance contracts, no upgrade costs.

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White label apps

Money Manager and FastBalance beautifully designed apps offer best-in-class user experience on desktop, tablet and mobile. Users get a global view of all of their financial accounts in one dashboard and access powerful Personal Financial Management features.

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Data aggregation

The Aegis platform enables end-users to privately and securely aggregate, store, manage and share their financial information. Leverage eWise's data aggregation platform to easily connect users' bank accounts, credit cards, investments, pension funds, utilities, loans and more.

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api services

API services

Developers can use eWise API services to efficiently build financial apps, leveraging eWise expertise in transaction categorisation, cashflow forecasting and alerting. APIs can be integrated seamlessly within your apps or connect to the Aegis platform to access bank data.

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