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white-label money management apps

The ready to use Money Management app, just waiting for your own branding to go live
eWise Money Manager

The quickest way to deploy your Money Management app

Money Manager and FastBalance mobile app helps your customers understand and manage their money better and provides you with tools to enhance engagement and expand relationships.

The beautifully designed apps offer best-in-class user experience on desktop, tablet and mobile. Users get a global view of all of their financial accounts in one dashboard and access powerful Personal Financial Management features.

Enhance engagement

and become the user's main digital channel

Aggregating all of the consumer's accounts in one place increases considerably user adoption and engagement. Users are more likely to use your app as their main digital portal.

+225%  more engagement than Western European weighted average
after 1st month of PFM implementation on international tier 1 retail bank

Capture new revenues

Attract new customers and cross-sell services & products

You can benefit from the rich-data collected and shared by the user within Money Manager. Customers' spending habits allow for a personalised approach to client relationship, increasing cross-sell services tailored to their needs with direct revenues generation.

30% increase in balance
achieved after eWise Money Manager was implemented by a European bank

Increase customer's loyalty

and reduce churn

Achieving a higher user engagement, through the implementation of Personal Financial Management tools, results in client's longterm loyalty. They are less likely to switch to other service providers.

50% churn reduction
achieved after eWise Money Manager was implemented by a European bank


Multi devices

Available accross traditional desktop/ laptop, tablets and smartphones to ensure a seamless user experience.

 As a web-app, iOs and Android apps.



The white-label apps are built on the eWise Aegis platform, using our patented client-side aggregation technology. 

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Powerful Account Aggregation

Users can link all of their online accounts in seconds: bank accounts, investment portfolios, pension funds, utility providers, loyalty programmes and more. 


Personal Financial Management

Our pre-built Personal Financial Management features help your customers better manage their finances.

Money Manager

Account Aggregation

Brings all customer accounts together in one place, from multiple sources.

dashboard Money Manager

Net worth summary

Calculate the total amount the user owns and owes across all accounts. Money Manager consolidates bank accounts, investment portfolios, pension funds, utility companies, loyalty programs and more.

Detailed account balance

Swipe from one account to the next one and retrieve the balance for each account connected by the user.


Offline assets & Liabilities

Manually add details about assets or debt such as cash, property, vehicles, vintage wines, jewelries, credit and loans that are not available via online providers.


Transaction Timeline & categorisation

Users see all of their transactions in a timeline. Our highly optimised algorithms automatically categorise transaction activity, incorporating customers past preferences and behaviour to increase accuracy and user adoption.


Account transactions

Display historical and realtime transactions of linked accounts and filter by account type, institution and time period.

Automatic categorisation

We automatically augment user's transactions with categories; mapping consensus over time, geography and language. User's own preferences persist over auto-categorisation to manage user's expectations.


Spend analysis

Powerful tools visualise trends and allow customers to explore their spending, helping them to find opportunities to better manage their money and reach their goals.



Customers can set budgets based on historical amounts and can compare actual spend and income against their budgets to help ensure they remain on track.


Cashflow forecasting

Allow your customers to see into the future. Intelligent spending and income prediction using past behaviour provides customers with actionable insight into their future cash flow.


Saving goal

Beyond budgeting, customers can establish saving goals, no matter how big or small they might be. Visual prompts and alerts keep the customer up-to-date on their progress and motivated to achieve their goals.



Accounts with different currencies can be added to Money Manager, we automatically consolidate the net worth summary with the predominant currency.


Money Manager can be translated into your own language. User selects the language from a simple dropdown menu.


Alerts and notifications

The comprehensive alert and notification capability advises customers on all aspects of their financial health. Be the first to congratulate them when they reach a savings goal, warn them when they are spending more than their budget, when they have upcoming bills to pay or when you see an unusual transaction to one of their accounts.


Account access permission management

Provides the user with full control and privacy over their personal data. Users can actively manage permission settings to decide which accounts they want to share with you.


We are currently performing a survey on personal data privacy: Tell us your attitude to data privacy and share your online security experience .


Analytics and reporting

An administration dashboard provides insight into adoption and usage of your Money Manager offering.


Subscription management and payments

Money Manager has a build-in module for subscription management and payment. It manages every aspect of your recurring billing if you are planning on offering a paid version of white-labeled Money Manager to your users.


Aegis mobile SDK


Users can add all of their accounts, check the realtime balance and financial transactions.

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Flexible deployment options



White-label solution

Beautiful interface branded for your customers

eWise Money Manager and FastBalance apps provides customers with simple to use tools which they can access on their desktop, tablet or mobile phone. You can customise Money Manager to reflect your brand and color scheme to ensure full alignment with your firm's image. Deliver a market leading customer experience without traditional technical or project hassles.

100% Cloud Solution : no software licencing, no hardware costs, no maintenance contracts, no upgrade costs.




API integration

Benefit from Money Manager features and integrate within your existing website

If you are looking to improve your existing digital channel, integrating our Money Manager pre-build modules through our APIs is the best solution. You users will acces your website as usual and benefit from new features.

Your UI, your UX, our best-in-class Money Management ready to use features


Accelerating financial services innovation

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